How to generate it and how to spend it

There is currently a lot of noise in the press about organisations that are transitioning to a 4-day working week.

Companies are attempting to get their staff to produce the same amount of output in 4 days as they used to do in 5; the thinking being that having a more focused 4 day working week with 3 days off leads to happier staff.

In practice there are probably a lot of ways to accomplish this, for example reducing the time staff spend talking to each other or taking fewer breaks. But a workplace which is solely focused on work can quickly become a very depressing and unfriendly place to be and make it difficult for new staff to integrate.

An alternative is to leverage digital technologies - such as software - to help your staff work smarter and produce more in less time. Well-fitting software can assist in many different aspects of your business.

Typically, one major benefit which improves productivity is easy access to accurate information. This could be data regarding orders, or the location of assets for example. Other benefits might include automatically generating (digital copies of) paperwork and reports. In most businesses there is usually scope for significant efficiency gains.

So, whether you want to spend your digital dividend to reduce your working week, or to simply improve productivity and profitability for the company, using technology to help run your business can only be a smart move.