Our New Proprietary Tooling

One major reason to switch from paper or off-the-shelf systems to bespoke software is the drive to become more efficient and profitable.

However, software development companies are no different to retailers, engineering firms, or accountants; we also have our own manual processes which can be improved.

When most software consultancies create new bespoke systems, they would typically re-use some small building blocks, but most of the code would be written by hand. This is time consuming and costly.

We recognised that most of this hand-written code tends to be very similar from project to project. So, for the last year or so, we've been at work creating our own proprietary tooling to speed up the software development process.

With a small amount of information about the system you wish to develop - such as what data you need to capture - within a few minutes the Trifort Scaffolder automatically creates the code for a fully working system, including user management, data entry, validation and the infrastructure required for reporting.

If it's a website which is being deployed to the cloud, re-usable scripts are automatically generated that will build the cloud infrastructure for us and deploy the website automatically. Steps which by themselves often take several days to manually configure.

Our plan is to extend this tool with additional options and features such as the creation of associated mobile apps, for example.

The Benefit To You

Why are you telling me this, I hear you ask? Well, by working smarter, we are able to shave several months off the build of a typical bespoke IT system. The code produced by our tools can also be fully customised, without the restrictions and on-going costs often imposed by lo-code products.

So, you get the benefits of a fully bespoke IT system, in less time and at a lower cost.